The success of a young athlete

    Sport is the guarantee of human health.  Practicing various sports allows a person to be physically and mentally healthy.  A lot of work is being done in the country in the field of comprehensive development of physical culture and sports.  In this regard, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov says: "In the period of the revival of a new era of a stable state, we attach particular importance to the development of mass physical culture, the Olympic movement, and sports."  Of course, in all regions of our country, modern sports and recreation complexes, multifunctional stadiums, sports schools for youth sports have been built and put into operation.

     During the period of the Revival of a new era of a stable state, significant success was achieved in Turkmen sports under the leadership of our comrade Serdar. The success of the Turkmen youth in regular sports competitions is a very proud event.

     Recently, competitions among youth in archery were held at the Ashgabat Olympic Complex. Talented young people from several higher educational institutions of the country took part in this competition. A 1st year student of the “Architecture” department of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan Kovsar Abbasova took part in the competition in classical archery at 18 meters and took 1st place among athletes born in 2002-2004 at the Ashgabat archery championship. This success of our young athlete brought him a certificate of honor and a gold medal from the Main Department of Sports and Youth Policy of the city of Ashgabat.

    Today, a solemn ceremony dedicated to the success of Kovsar Abbasova was held at the Exhibition Hall of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan.  At the event, our teachers warmly congratulated Kovsar Abbasova on her success.  It's nice that for the first time archery will forever remain in the history of our academy of arts.

Ogulsona Ovezmyradova

Faculty of Applied Arts

2rd year student of the "Art Critics" department



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