Scientific work with the efforts of the Respected President of Independent and permanent Neutral Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in all parts of the country, paid great attention to the work on the basic of science and in accordance with world standards. To thoroughly study the history, cultural heritage and the art of our country was approved by the resolutions of our esteemed  President «Collection, registration, study and preservation of the national intangible cultural heritage of Turkmenistan the State Program for 2015-2020», «The State Program for 2016-2021 to study and preach the national cultural heritage of Turkmenistan». On the basics of the «State Program for Improving the Efficiency of Research and Innovative Technologies in Turkmenistan for 2017-2021» and the «State Program for Development of Social and Humanitarian Sciences in Turkmenistan» on the basis of this programs we will discuss the history of Turkmenistan and the Turkmen people, of the humanities, the specific tasks of the future development of the humanities, such as the implementation of research in the field of fine arts, are determined.

The scientific department of State Art Academy of Turkmenistan is based on state programs, help with scientific works of teachers, and help students with scientific and diploma works. Academy of Arts has programs for students and teachers «Center for Young Scientists» and the «Art and Era», «Talented Computer Programmers», «Purposeful Youth», «Teachers and Successors», «Digital Center». Here carried out the projects of teachers and talented students, they write scientific articles, curricula, text books, teaching materials, research materials, scientific manuals which associated with architecture and design, painting and graphics, sculpture and applied arts, theory and history of culture. The results of all this projects and works are presented at international and state scientific-practical conferences and exhibitions.



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