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Horse day exhibition
In the era of establishment and happiness our country celebrates a holiday dedicated to the day of Akhal-Teke horse. In honor of this holiday every year on the last Sunday of April is held bio contests. One of these events is held in the exhibition hall of the Art Academy of Turkmenistan, by decree of the President of Turkmenistan N12657 from November 16, 2012 in all types of visual arts and applied arts to show all the beauty of the Akhal-Teke horses in publishing products, in photos, on television the masterfully executed works of artists, sculptors, carpet weavers, jewelers, photo operators, publishers, designers, cameramen. In this created works you can see the features of fine art and the revitalization of the image of the Akhal-Teke horses.
Their beauty, wisdom, compassion, sensitivity and loyalty are always admired by the artists with their excellent harmonious power. Historical, epic, valiant, and horse-drawn portraits related to the image of horses in the Turkmen fine art have become one of he most important issues to describe our time through genres, and artists have acquired a new style. The works depict only the Akhal-Teke horses, the tall slender body structure, unique movements, beautiful colors and wise images techniques of the artists.
The horse exhibition was attended by the young generation of talented teachers, talented alumni and student youth of the Academy of Arts, graphics, sculpture, applied arts who took the path of the teachers (Aijemal Charyeva, Berdimyrat Hanov, Batyr Soltanov, Myratmergen Kulyev, Gyzylgul Hudaiberdieva) they were participated and awarded the royal gift of our Esteemed President.



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