The library of State Art Academy has modern equipments. It has a stock of textbooks and collection of fictions, monographs and catalogs. The library has well-equipped digital learning system and e-books. The books shelves of library are decorated with the books of the Esteemed President. Also in a separate corner there are books and teaching aids of teachers published in Turkmen language. In addition, teachers donate annual and diploma works of students written on various topics to the library of the Art Academy.



744000, Aşgabat ş., A.Nowaýy (2022) köç., 90
744000, Ashgabat c., A.Navoi (2022) str., 90
744000, г. Ашхабад, ул. А.Навои (2022), 90

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+993 (12) 92-25-08