"Scientific importance of deepening the study of the national heritage of independent Turkmenistan"

Our observant people who invest in education, wisdom, creativity and creative work have the following slogans:, "Gold comes out of the stone, intelligence comes from the head", "There are many paths for the educated", "There is no faith in the unscientific, there is no skill." - joy" and many other ideas have motivated the young generation to lose their coolness in the path of science. Our wise fathers, who saw the rapid development of the state and society in science and education, valued the combination of science, and the scientific works they wrote opened the way for the spiritual-moral, intellectual and physical discovery of the individual. With the efforts of the President, all opportunities are being created in the country for the comprehensive and harmonious development of the young generation. During the Revival of the new age of stable state, educated, highly intelligent, broad-minded young people are formed. Modern reforms are being carried out in the national education system so that they can get education in conditions that meet world standards.
On 8th of June in 2023, in the year of "Happy youtyh with Arkadag Serdar", a scientific-practical conference of teachers and students was held in the conference hall of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan entitled "Scientific importance of deepening the study of the national heritage of Independent Turkmenistan". The speakers at the scientific-practical conference noted that science is considered the youngest treasure of the world during the Revival of the new era of the Stable State. At the root of the development of science and education in the country, scientific steps are taken. Improvement of the education system in Turkmenistan, the importance of science in educating young people, and state-relevant work in the direction of the harmonious development of the artistic image of our Arkadag period were continuously expressed in the speeches. Within the framework of the scientific-practical conference, in order to attract young scientists who are passionate about science to scientific and professional creativity, research activities, to identify talented young scientists, and also on the occasion of Science Day, which is widely celebrated in the country, the Youth under the Central Council of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and the Youth Organization named after Magtymguly of Turkmenistan The gifts of the Central Council of the Youth Organization named after Magtymguly of Turkmenistan were solemnly presented to our talented students who successfully presented their creative projects in the exhibition competition of scientific projects called "Scientific youth is the foundation of perseverance" announced by the center of scientists.
Bilbil Charieva
The head teacher of the 
State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan



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