A teacher's skill

On November 19, 2021 Polat Garryev, the instructor of the Fine Arts Department of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan, held an open lesson of creating national still-life for his students. This form of painting, one of the foremost areas of art, is a unique art. Still life consists of inanimate objects. Although the works in this genre are created from different things, their meaning evokes a unique feeling in everyone's heart. During the open lesson, the tutor put together works of the ancient national art of the Turkmen people and explained them to the students as an assignment.

The tutor taught the students the structure of still life with pencil, initial coloring of images and distinction of volumes. During the lesson, the teacher also showed the students colour coding. In the workshop, the teacher explained that the nature of the volumes is due to the combination of shadows and light to accurately describe the image of national products. The teacher finished the lesson by skipping all the final additions to the final stages of still life drawing.

Annaseidova Gulshat,

State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan

2nd year student of Department of Art Criticism



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